Mellow Thursdays

I am starting this Mellow Thursdays series. Every Thursday I will be posting those lines of the song, along with the name of the singer/band, which made my day. I would love to know your favorite lines of the song you heard today in the comments below. Hope everyone will love it and the good point is that we will all get to know about new songs as well.

So these are the lines which inspired me today-

We are the dust of dust
We are the apple of God’s eye
We are infinite
As the universe we hold inside
infinity times infinity

Song : Sun
Singer/Band :Β Sleeping at Last

Keep your spirits high and enjoy each moment of your life. πŸ™‚
Have a good day πŸ™‚


The Awaited Coffee

Everytime I come across a Coffee shop I am reminded of the day we decided to have a cup of coffee.Β I was so happy that I will be going to the place I’ve never been to with him.Β It was a lovely morning started with the realization of a few unimaginable dreams. Whenever I looked into his eyesΒ I felt so special and it made me believe I am everything he needed to believe in love once again.
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Wasted Sunday !!

I love sunday & I eagerly wait for it the moment monday starts off. For me sunday is the day just Β for me and my family. But when I woke up this morning,I realised that we have a lab today 😦 . It’s so bad to not have a day off on sunday ! I hate it.

What further added to my frustration was the uselessness of our undesirable trip to the prestigious ECE Dept. as assumed by our honourable professors. It didn’t feel like it was sunday at all. Read more