Not normal
But insane
No soul gets me
I know pain

No brainy am I
Heart is plain
Feeling things
Others don’t gain

Hollow and lost
Ugly and spot
Dreams and lies
Future bids goodbye

Identity and value
Support and love
Worth and desire
Wishes are fire

Distance and struggle
Destination is puzzle
Strong and weak
What do I seek ?

Thankful yet doubtful
In peace still restless
Loved and scared
Negativity prevails



Where am I ?

Wherever you go
see around
close your eyes
and feel me

Feel the sun
that’s me
shining on
guiding you through

See those people smiling
I’m that smile
on their faces
lighting their mood

The flower
in that girl’s hand
I’m that color
defining its beauty

This cold breeze
passing you by
It’s me
soothing you

That guy
with his heads on
I’m the rhythm
he’s swaying to

See those lines
on that old man’s face
I’m the age
he lived it through

And when you lie down
under the starry blanket
I’m the dream
taking you to another world



Forgive me

For my innocence
you fell for it

For my honesty
you believed in me

For the time we had
you were happy,I know

For the promises
which you never made

For the way I looked into your eyes
it was always magical

For loving your smile
it’s gorgeous believe me

For the songs I sent
I meant every word of them

For the dreams we had
they were pretty amazing

For that exquisite kiss
which I still feel on my lips

For the time I cried
I thought I would never meet you again

For being in love with your voice
it was my favorite music

For those long emails and rustic letters
I poured my heart in them

For that tantalizing scent of yours
I was entrapped in it

In the end

For being in love with you
impossible to obliterate your memories


Because all they want is my body

Everybody wants my body
Nobody wants my heart
My body may offer compromised love
But my heart is filled with unconditional love

Everyone stares at my body
And no one tries to see my soul
They uncover me with lustful eyes
But fail to see my naked soul

They glance superficially
Never try to see within
And there lies a heart of gold
Waiting to be acknowledged

I wait for you to relocate your gaze
But you continue to dig me hollow
Like there’s no tomorrow
Because all you want is my body

Sometimes they touch me
Try to feel my body
I wonder if they would care
To feel what’s inside my heart

Because everyone needs my body
And nobody needs my heart

I’m yet to find a man
Who would dare touch my soul
And have the guts enough
To give his all what my heart deserves

In the hope he will protect me
From the very day he arrives
Against the deadly stares
Of the coward souls

Until then I will have
To fight on my own
From these cannibals
Of my flesh

Because everyone wants my body
And nobody needs my heart