Okay, so I have discovered lately that I am developing a habit of pointing out flaws in other people’s work(written), statement or a dialogue, especially grammatical and spelling mistakes. This is weird because I’m no grammar nazi myself (you may find grammatical mistakes on this post as well, I’m sure) but I often find myself laughing off at stupid spelling mistakes and making fun of it. I wonder if it’s morally correct. I do not do it on their face of course but I think that it isn’t what I’m supposed to do or I’m doing something I never believed in- “making fun of people”.

Probably I should stop. It might develop into something worse and I don’t wanna do that. In the retrospect, I think I just find the mistakes to be funny and I’m not really making fun of people(to hurt them). But then I have a thought that if I ever get to know someday that ‘X’ person made funΒ of me because of my ‘Z’ mistake, how would I feel ?

I would feel dejected if ‘X’ is extremely close to me and would not even care if that person hardly matters to me. How does this even help me in my situation ? No idea.

Although if I see it in a positive light, this actually helps me in my work where I have to proofread stuff as well.I should focus on being a professional rather than being a mocker. Better to be a better version of yourself instead of playing the old cassette on repeat.


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