I remember the day when I was standing at the boarding gate, waving goodbye to my parents. They were so excited that day more than I was, especially my dad. And why wouldn’t he be? I was going to travel by flight for the very first time in my life. Moreover, I was and still am the only member of the whole extended family to board a flight. My dad was so super excited that he couldn’t keep it to himself and much to my resistance he spilled the beans to everyone in the family. He wanted to share his happiness with everyone I suppose, although I felt a little embarrassed by this. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Travelling by flight is considered,mostly, a luxury in India, especially in the middle-class families like mine.

I recollect how, in spite of doing everything on time,  I managed to reach just 45 minutes prior to flight’s departure. Since it was a domestic flight and the airport was a small (extremely) one, I didn’t find any difficulty to get through the security checks and thus boarded the flight on time. I remember how my heartbeat was racing against time and I thought I am extremely late for my very first flight. I thought I would miss it. In the haste to reach the check-in counter, I forgot my bag on the conveyor belt. When the man asked for my luggage, I stared at him with blank expressions comprehending what he was trying to say. I turned back thinking “shit! where is my bag”, only to find my bag on the conveyor bag. Huff! relief.. Gave my bag to the man on the desk, it turned out to be 10 kgs. I, completely baffled at this point how the hell a few dresses could weigh 10 kgs,left the bag there, collected my boarding pass with fumbling hands and moved towards the security check. I saw a few passengers carrying cabin luggage with them and then I thought shit I forgot my bag again! ( haha :D). I called up my boyfriend immediately to ask him if whether what I did was right. Although I knew the stuff about cabin luggage and the main luggage, I was never told about where should I keep my luggage specifically by the man at the check-in counter. So I did, in the words of my boyfriend, what I could do the best- I freaked out, which I do almost half of the times :D.

So everything worked out smoothly and I was waiting at the boarding gate for my call. I noticed an old man(foreigner) sitting beside me holding a Canadian Passport in his hand. Thought hard if I should strike a conversation with him as a friendly gesture but ultimately couldn’t muster up the courage to do that. Observed people around me and spotted an Indian Grandad and his granddaughter duo(perhaps, at least this is what I thought) holding Canadian Passport in their hands too. I admit that I don’t know much about the Canadian residency stuff but I was still wondering if they got the permanent residency of Canada.

Fast forward to one hour in the flight, I was above the clouds and the sight of the sky was mesmerizing. Little mushrooms in the sky and I pinched myself to see if it was all real. Since my dad was so excited about this trip and had asked me to take a few pictures in the flight, I did end up clicking a few pictures while keeping an eye that no one is staring at me.

White mushrooms!
lol the sleeping guy behind 😀

And I thought I would need it at the time of landing since I felt sick during the takeoff. But thankfully, the landing was over even before I could blink my eye. So I took a picture of this to show it to my brother. He thought I would definitely puke 😀

I loved its colour !

The close proximity of an airplane filled me with astonishment and I could only think of how beautiful and magnificent it is. I saw so many airplanes parked, landing, taking off and my eyes couldn’t rest. I was like a child who goes to a toy shop and is in awe with the toys he’s surrounded by. Maybe more than that. All I know is that the sight was something I can never forget in my life.


Source: ofonimeessien.com

So I walked down to the luggage conveyor belt no. 13 and another stupid thought was ready to sprout in my mind- “what if I miss my bag or what if someone else gets hold of my bag?” Seriously, I acted so dumb -_-  

Nonetheless, I collected my bag without any hassle and looked for a place to sit since I had to wait for someone to pick me up.


Chattrapati Shivaji Airport, Terminal 2


The whole arena was so huge and beautiful. My heart was still racing but in a positive sense. I was thrilled with the thoughts of the events that were about to take place in a few minutes down the line. I was happy and yet a little scared. Heartbeats were fast, blood rushing to my cheeks, sweat drops on my forehead and I was anxiously waiting for the moment to arrive.

To be continued…




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