A week to remember- Part I

I remember the day when I was standing at the boarding gate, waving goodbye to my parents. They were so excited that day more than I was, especially my dad. And why wouldn’t he be? I was going to travel by flight for the very first time in my life. Moreover, I was and still am the only member of the whole extended family to board a flight. My dad was so super excited that he couldn’t keep it to himself and much to my resistance he spilled the beans to everyone in the family. He wanted to share his happiness with everyone I suppose, although I felt a little embarrassed by this. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Travelling by flight is considered,mostly, a luxury in India, especially in the middle-class families like mine.

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What am I left with ?

I have learned from my experience that negativity drains you out and so does the presence of negative people around you. Sometimes we are disillusioned by the negative souls, mistaking them to be ever positive and the constant source of power in our lives. We blindly make them the sun of our universe. However, it so happens that the very bright and positively energized soul we believed in turns out to be a dark horrifying black hole masquerading all the while to be perfect and pure, swallowing all your energy & spark in return.

What are we left with then ? A demented mind and a wrecked soul.

It leaves you to suffer on your own, expect you to be wise and strong for such future battles. I don’t see a point where you let others die on the pretense of making things better for them. I believe in compassion, I believe in words, sacrifice, and promises, I believe in going out of my way to do what I believe in, and not letting anyone cry because of me.

Unfortunately, black holes don’t feel the same. They love to suck everything that’s best in you, devoid you of all that you’re made of. They creep back into your lives every now and then, justify their decisions, make you believe what they did was rightfully their duty towards you. Tactfully, they will sway you again. They will try to rape what you’ve rebuilt so far, your gleaming soul, and take away every ounce of it. You will never get it back. Never. Your light will scream your name but black hole will dissolve it inside, leaving you flayed AGAIN.