Wherever you go
see around
close your eyes
and feel me

Feel the sun
that’s me
shining on
guiding you through

See those people smiling
I’m that smile
on their faces
lighting their mood

The flower
in that girl’s hand
I’m that color
defining its beauty

This cold breeze
passing you by
It’s me
soothing you

That guy
with his heads on
I’m the rhythm
he’s swaying to

See those lines
on that old man’s face
I’m the age
he lived it through

And when you lie down
under the starry blanket
I’m the dream
taking you to another world




One thought on “Where am I ?

  1. Feel the Sun ———- Its too Hot
    See people smiling ———– sometimes its fake.
    This cold breeze ———— not good for health.
    That guy —————— Stupid one
    See those lines ————- the Struggle of life.
    And when you lie down ———– Be practical, no day dreaming,


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