I wonder what would happen
if I die
Find peace and solace 

I don’t want to
But I guess I have to
Life demands change
Death being a permanent one

Cowards die, I know
Let me be one
For it won’t matter
once I’m gone

Never been a reason
for their smile
It’s time 
It’s time to lose everything
and disappear

Maybe I seek their peace
rather than mine
Being away from a witch
that’s when they’ll be fine

I court reasons to defy
but hallucination grasps
I see a light
over the end of the road

Undoubtedly that is my destination
what my gut tells me
I look behind
I see them

No matter what I say
I do feel pain
Leaving them forever
is not something I can sustain

A whisper
assuring me an easier way
A hand
guiding me to a place

A familiar place it seems
my bed
I look at him
devil he may be

Gave a wry smile
I don’t mind
Pushes me
I don’t fight

Now I lay exactly
where I ought to be
Sleeping like an angel
as I did when I first came here

Only that I won’t see you 
either happy or sad
I’m in his lap
never to be found again


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