You will never be something
what you were yesterday

A part of you has died
You are nothing
but a dead stale matter



Forgive me

For my innocence
you fell for it

For my honesty
you believed in me

For the time we had
you were happy,I know

For the promises
which you never made

For the way I looked into your eyes
it was always magical

For loving your smile
it’s gorgeous believe me

For the songs I sent
I meant every word of them

For the dreams we had
they were pretty amazing

For that exquisite kiss
which I still feel on my lips

For the time I cried
I thought I would never meet you again

For being in love with your voice
it was my favorite music

For those long emails and rustic letters
I poured my heart in them

For that tantalizing scent of yours
I was entrapped in it

In the end

For being in love with you
impossible to obliterate your memories



Muffled voices
crumbled pieces
unfulfilled wishes

yearn to cry
lost goodbyes
paining gut
perished love

hazy path
obscure destination
infrangible relations
crippled now