Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time
-Maya Angelou

Only cowards forget, brave ones live with the memories and choose to cherish them forever. You don’t forget someone when you’ve loved him from whole of your heart, especially then.

It would be very selfish of you if you forget him. It would be a betrayal, a great one maybe, towards your love and most importantly your own heart. Your love deserves to be kept alive within the soft walls of your throbbing heart. And if you just forget him,move on and let your love,for him, die it would be just like those invaluable things you dump everyday. No matter what you claim afterwards, your love will cease to hold its precious value. It is your own responsibility to grant your love its special place. Not every love story meet its destined end but then this should never decrease the intensity of love you feel for that person.

It is in human nature to hate things which doesn’t entertain our interests and go against our plans but is it correct to justify “let go” of the love which you once claimed to be eternal,soulful and meant to be ? Why seek happiness in letting go and moving on ? What does “move on” actually means ? Why not treasure the love you had in your heart and cherish the beautiful memories you made ?

Love only seems painful when you make it. Stop searching for reasons why it happened. Stop yearning for things you cannot have. Just love what you have and love what you once had. People are never bad(mostly) but circumstances are and they make people do bad things at times. We are no one to judge anyone instead we should just accept things as they are and be happy with whatever you have by your side because that love and those memories are your possession and no one can dare take them away from you. Take pride in being in love and feel grateful to god that he gave you an opportunity to feel what you felt,to keep what you have and to know what beautiful feelings come along with this magical word LOVE.


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