Love is such a magical feeling and we all at some point in our lives have come across the time when we had this magical feeling in our hearts,tummy and everywhere else in our body. Then why do we try to forget our love if the relationship turns out bad or why do we stop ourselves from loving someone else only because we have already been in love once ?

Love is never to be kept within or to be confined to just one person. I think your love should be able to spread out in the whole world. Love is never selfish and so shouldn’t you. If you claim that you have the ability to love then you should selflessly give out. Don’t worry about the heartbreaks! They’re just in our minds. Just feel contented with the fact that you were there for your beloved when he needed you and your love the most. And then you will realize that the very purpose of loving him is already been fulfilled for you have made that person really happy and whenever he will remember you, he will be grateful to you that you selflessly loved him,cared for him and made him happy. 🙂

“No expectations attached” is the pure form of love we can ever bring ourselves to do. It never leaves us empty instead a heart full of memories are made which leaves us happy and contented. 🙂 Always.


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