Just love and nothing more…

Love is such a magical feeling and we all at some point in our lives have come across the time when we had this magical feeling in our hearts,tummy and everywhere else in our body. Then why do we try to forget our love if the relationship turns out bad or why do we stop ourselves from loving someone else only because we have already been in love once ?
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Enter Chills !!!

With December almost approaching, the winters here in Dehradun are taking a surprising turn. From the past few weeks it was not so cold but last night it rained and temperature dipped drastically. Well I have been away from my blog from more than a month now courtesy my bad ISP in addition to Diwali holidays and my exams. I really didn’t get any time to write anything.

There is one more cute reason which/who is taking most of my free time and she is my cutie pie “Maaauu”. She came to us one cold night around two weeks backs and she’s the cutest pet I’ve ever had ! Although I was never a cat lover instead was and still am a die hard dog lover but she instantly made me fall for her !!

Maaauu :* :* 

She takes our hearts away each day with her mischievous activities and sleeps like a queen on my blanket.
As it is my birthday in not less than 10 days, I feel like she’s perfect gift for me this year 🙂

Goodnight Wishes from her 🙂