Everybody wants my body
Nobody wants my heart
My body may offer compromised love
But my heart is filled with unconditional love

Everyone stares at my body
And no one tries to see my soul
They uncover me with lustful eyes
But fail to see my naked soul

They glance superficially
Never try to see within
And there lies a heart of gold
Waiting to be acknowledged

I wait for you to relocate your gaze
But you continue to dig me hollow
Like there’s no tomorrow
Because all you want is my body

Sometimes they touch me
Try to feel my body
I wonder if they would care
To feel what’s inside my heart

Because everyone needs my body
And nobody needs my heart

I’m yet to find a man
Who would dare touch my soul
And have the guts enough
To give his all what my heart deserves

In the hope he will protect me
From the very day he arrives
Against the deadly stares
Of the coward souls

Until then I will have
To fight on my own
From these cannibals
Of my flesh

Because everyone wants my body
And nobody needs my heart


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