While sitting on a windowsill
She wondered, why her life was so still
There was no thrill and blast
Only morbid memories of the distorted past

Entangled between her thoughts
She is unable to decide
What pain her fate has brought?
Should she suffer or let it subside?

What she was and what she has become
Only if she knew the outcome
Never would she have made a dive
Into the deep ocean of love which promised to thrive

Every man she has ever been with
Took away a part of her
To keep it with them forever
Leaving her with voids all over

They drank the drops of her love
She gave so earnestly
Emptying her every time
Whenever she believed

She dispensed every ounce of love in her
And strangled expectations of ever being loved
For nights, she cried and cried
But couldn’t bear the disintegration of her pride

Was she a whore? she thought
Or a messenger of god
To give out the love she has
And relieve them from the worldly wrath


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