Why do parents expect such things from their children which they’re incapable of doing? Constantly I’m facing such conditions and having persistent arguments with my parents about MY career choices. Every now and then I’m forced to ponder over my decisions whether I’m really taking the right path or should I just give in to what my parents have in mind for me.

I hate to fight with my dad. I hate it.  I hate to break his heart with every word that I speak to him. Why am I such a horrible daughter!! Why couldn’t I just do what he wished for !  I am so scared for my future and I need his support at this point but instead of this my parents have chosen to give me a hard time. I know their intentions are not bad but why can’t for just one time they try to understand.

I feel sick all the time these days. There’s so much in my mind that is going on and I can’t even vent out my feelings to anyone. There’s no one who would get me. I feel so alone,sick and scared all the time. There is so much I want to say but not able to find just the right words. I am withering away with each passing day. Don’t know if I will be left with the right amount of energy to fulfill my parent’s dreams. God please guide my way.


2 thoughts on “Hard to breathe

  1. Everyone goes through this, at one point in time or the other, at home and/or work. Do what you feel is right and be ready to face the consequences (if any). This will give you the confidence to make your own choices and decisions. This may not be important or relevant all the time but it is when it comes to your career. To be happy, you HAVE to love what you do! Reason out rather than fighting and arguing (either they’ll understand or sit & sulk for a while). It’s perfectly okay. Parents can choose everything but career for their kids B-)

    Relax. Breathe in, breathe out!! Look for the sunshine. Best wishes 🙂

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