When you’re both in love
And still facing a breakup
Only coz your future doesn’t seem bright?
Realize that it isn’t right

I know your love has many hurdles
But what path doesn’t have mud and puddles
Look beyond the pain and bruises
Somewhere must be a bed of roses

Things can change for good
But only if you’re in a mood
Do it coz you love her
Push it coz no other will be her

You may find someone charming
But will she be so heart warming?
Pure love is so hard to find
And you want to lose it coz people will mind

For centuries love has been in pain
Give it a chance and don’t let it go in vain
You’ve worked so hard to keep her smiling
Will she bear this parting?

How can you be so rude and snappy?
She was so faithful and happy
Bitter words tear her apart
Can you feel it or should I sever your heart?

Just be in her shoes someday
You will know what she’s been through
If even then you want to throw this away
Then only god may help you


3 thoughts on “Breakup ?

  1. The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too. And to avoid pain open your eyes and close your heart. Someday its gonna make sense. HOPE “Hope On Pain Ends”.


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