You will be here forever for you can “never end” ( the meaning of your name) and I am here from approx. 10 billion years born as a “star” (the meaning of my name). From the beginning of the time I knew I had a purpose, I knew I was made for someone special and it turned out to be you. What a great fortuity it is that we got an opportunity to be with each other for an eternity.

It was written in the stars. It had to happen. We had to meet. The universe would not have it any other way. The chances were slim and yet not blurry at all. It was decided 13.772 billion years ago that there will be an indestructible man in time who will fall for an ageless princess and thus will begin their timeless and everlasting love story.

We fell for each other so quick as if it were magic! I knew you were the one I had been waiting for and I’m the one who will complete you. It isn’t surprising to know that we’re so alike, we are after all the two peas in a pod. We emerged from that same hot condensed matter and expanded into our glittering bodies. You assumed such magnetic persona that made it impossible for me to overlook you. Consequently, the very first sight of yours filled me with awe and reverence. It was love at first sight. Those bewitching eyes entangled me and took me to a world which unfolded itself like a long lost dream. My heart fluttered every time I saw you admiring me. Your whispers hummed and fingers played leaving no choice for me but to move into an oblivion. All I could see was you and everything else was a haze.

To go against the will of the nature shall bring us no good. We were happy when we were together and we will be happy for a thousand years to come if we just discover the path together which stars have already laid down for us . When you ask ?
13.772 billion years ago.


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