I am sorry. I know I’m breaking your hearts away. I might have hurt you too in the process but seriously it is time for me to get away from all of you. You don’t want me to do that but I just want to say it is the best thing we can do to each other and I can do to myself. It has been a hard decision but it is going to become the bitter reality of our lives. I will have to go on my way.

And while writing this letter, I’m reminded of all the sweet memories of our reunions,our sleepovers and our nonsense chats. It has been a pleasure growing up with you all. I always thought we were destined to be together and that we could not have land up with better persons in our lives apart from each other. But as a grown up woman now, I find these statements silly and baseless. The thing which tied us together for so long was only the time factor. We’re just like an old married couple,that too an arranged one, who have spent so much time together that it seems pointless to them to walk out of their marriage. But unfortunately I need to walk out girls, I need a divorce from you guys ! I am not asking for any alimony but just one thing try to find someone good in your lives who would understand you completely inside out,if you can do that for me, so that you never have to find yourself with a gaping hole in your hearts.

Take care all of you. I never thought I would be the one doing this to us but then life presents us with the most unfortunate situations at the most unfortunate times.

PS: I’m gonna read my diary whenever I miss you all 😥


3 thoughts on “A letter to the Princess (my BFFs)

  1. You’re such strong person! I know it’s been tough of you to make such a decision but don’t worry, I’m sure your friends will understand you more than ever! Cheers!

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