Everytime I come across a Coffee shop I am reminded of the day we decided to have a cup of coffee. I was so happy that I will be going to the place I’ve never been to with him. It was a lovely morning started with the realization of a few unimaginable dreams. Whenever I looked into his eyes I felt so special and it made me believe I am everything he needed to believe in love once again.

When you’re in love you simply lose all of your senses and are focussed on that particular man who suddenly becomes the sun of your universe and you being the earth revolve and rotate around him. He is my sun. 🙂
Well coming back to the most awaited coffee that we were supposed to have due to some unavoidable reasons we never had it. Opportunity was just there in front of us and yet it was far away from the point of being realized. Sometimes things are supposed to happen when they are destined to be. Having coffee is not a big deal for most people but it was to us reasons being completely different for each of us. Although there was one thing common, we wanted to make memories. And except for the coffee we did make some beautiful memories for a lifetime. Each of us knew how to seize  each and every moment we were together and those moments will continue to be in our hearts for an eternity.
I wish I could just go back in time and tell him a 1000 more times that I love him and that he’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in my life. But I am going to wait for the destiny to play its part and give me another chance, just one not begging for more, so that I could open my heart out and tell him that he is the one I long for in the restless summer nights and his voice is the best  thing I could hear in this world. And until that day the coffee of the very place he intended to take me can wait for me.


4 thoughts on “The Awaited Coffee

  1. The day will come very soon in your life, the lovely morning, sounds of the birds, the table and of course an old man with white beard holding the coffee to serve you with your beloved. well, the story will then begin with the dreams, only eyes will be the source of communication, by the end, coffee will remain at the same place and you will take the golden memories with you, the day will come very soon in your life.

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