A hope,smile and life creeps into her whenever she finds him online. It always seems like she came back from the dead. Those six alphabets makes her smile. Never does she desire to see a message from him but just seeing him online ease her a bit for it is the proof of his well being. This unknown silence between them has befriended her although she craves some soothing and loving words from him but this silence says a lot too. She has become equipped in the art of deciphering the meaning of these long nothings. She wonders if he ever thinks of her or any day anything reminds him of her.

Hope is all she has got. She can never stop believing in love for it is the sole reason for her existence and it is what she’s made of. All the love that she has for this awesome man on the planet, who took her heart in a heartbeat, keeps her going everyday in a belief that perhaps one day he will see her the way she sees him. All she ever wanted was to be acknowledged by him,to become like him,to make him happy,to live for him,to die for him,to be loved by him…

One day, may be, he will understand what she felt,how she felt and why she felt it. And then,maybe that day, he will make all her dreams come true and give her all the happiness that she deserves.


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