No one else love will be in my thoughts
Only your charm will prevail
No one else love will sleep in my dreams
Only your beauty will find its place

My love for you is fresh as dew
It twinkles like a star
Shines like the sun
Swims in the depths of your mind
And flies higher than your dreams

As cheesy as it may sound
It is what my heart longs to tell you
My mind cherishes your memories
My soul remembers your touch
My arms are full of you
And lungs with your scent

The loving gaze of your eyes
Imprinted into my mind
That impeccable kiss of yours
Is still on my lips

That bear hug
Protects me per diem
And the innocent smile
Enthralls me everytime

And it feels so breathtaking
To have you as the love of my life
Thank you for showering me
with what you could have the best


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