I sit here alone in my room
Looking out of the window
Solitude was never my thing
But my resolve makes it easy somehow

Far across this road,this land
Is a familiar place close to my heart
A place where I came into existence
And dreamt of where I am today

A slight breeze through my hair
Reminds me the face of my mother
How she held me the last time
Tears flowing through her eyes

Wrapped up in her arms
I sensed silent happy wishes
This separation was inevitable
Bounded by the promise of love

This bright sunny day
Reminder of another april day
Tired and exhausted I was
But contented and happy in a very long time

This view through my window
Is my temporary liberation
To the beautiful memories
Hidden safely inside my heart

I have to walk these roads
To achieve what my dream holds
Have come too far
Left so much behind

Only pray to god
Please be kind
And give me strength
To burn in the heat of my desire


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