We have been taught from our childhood days to think before you speak. Always measure your words before blurting them out and check that no one gets hurt with whatever you say. As children we obeyed these rules by heart but by the time we are old enough to rule the world we forget these simple mannerisms which makes us who we are- a human being. I read someone’s status a few days ago which said “MANNERS MAKETH MAN”. Unfortunately we have come to an age where people literally crush people around them under their feet in order to move forward in their supposedly better lives. They just simply don’t care whether they’re breaking someone’s heart,sabotaging someone’s image,self respect or just making them look like a clown in front of the whole world. The sufferer is left with a scar for the rest of his life.

How a man’s words can transform a woman’s world, at one moment she could be over the clouds reaching for the stars and at another her confidence and self respect could be chopped down to smithereens and all because she gave him the right to do so. No one,even if it is the one you love, should have the right to hurt you. But women are the most enduring creatures on this planet. They will tolerate anything just to keep up the relations intact, to keep everyone around them happy. For once she would also feel happy if someone cared enough to not make her feel low and unwanted. How her heart breaks,how her world shakes,how she feels nothing sometimes and then everything all at once. No one can decipher what goes on in her mind,in her heart. Only if men were careful with their words,no women would find herself in a dark place and her heart will not wither away silently. It isn’t always the case with women only it goes the other way round too.

How do people live normally after making someone unhappy and sad is a mystery I am yet to solve. Do these people ever feel guilty or do they ever realize their mistakes? I guess people just forget and move on but the victim is bound to remember everything. He is left to wonder what went wrong and is hurt beyond repair.

Some people say don’t listen to anyone who makes you feel sad and love yourself. Loving yourself is one thing but being loved and acknowledged by others is a very important part of anyone’s life, no one can ignore this fact. And if someone starts hating you it is a matter of concern. The saddest part is that you can’t do anything about it,you just have to accept the bitter truth and live with the deep hole inside your heart.


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