Our Moon

Tonight it’s a full moon
Glaring back itself
From the clear water of the lake
And gloating at its glory

The earth is bathing
In the beaming moonlight
And the night breeze showers
Tranquility passing me by

I’m reminded of the night
I made love to you
This moon was the witness
And stars, the jury

Even if we ever stop
Walking on this earth
Our moon, my love
Will remember our treasures

He is my friend
Who never leaves my side
Always checks up on me
Whether I’ll survive

Always informs me about you
How you’re fine
Makes me happy
By silently wishing you my goodnight

Do you remember the nights
We used to connect
Through this eternal moon
And that pole star

How intimate we felt
While glancing at them together
Whispering our wishes
Exchanging them through our friends

I feel so fortunate
To have a friend like him
Who not only checks up on me
But takes care of you as well

Always be grateful
To our moon my love
For it will sing the song
Of our romance
Even long after we’re gone



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I used to see other bloggers being nominated for this coveted award and wonder when will I see the prestigious moment to be nominated for the same. Much to my surprise I woke up this morning and found out thatΒ abrightstarlightΒ has nominated me and I must tell you I’m so excited, extremely honoured and thankful to her. You all must check her out she’s a beauty and her writings truly justifies my statement. An optimistic girl and her positive attitude towards life will leave you spell bounded. Do visit her:Β https://abrightstarlight.wordpress.com

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Time to see the TIME

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Devoid of love

While sitting on a windowsill
She wondered, why her life was so still
There was no thrill and blast
Only morbid memories of the distorted past

Entangled between her thoughts
She is unable to decide
What pain her fate has brought?
Should she suffer or let it subside?

What she was and what she has become
Only if she knew the outcome
Never would she have made a dive
Into the deep ocean of love which promised to thrive

Every man she has ever been with
Took away a part of her
To keep it with them forever
Leaving her with voids all over

They drank the drops of her love
She gave so earnestly
Emptying her every time
Whenever she believed

She dispensed every ounce of love in her
And strangled expectations of ever being loved
For nights, she cried and cried
But couldn’t bear the disintegration of her pride

Was she a whore? she thought
Or a messenger of god
To give out the love she has
And relieve them from the worldly wrath