And they want me to get out
of something I’m lost in
No steps to retrace back
only the destination is known
My heart sinks
due to the hazy and moist dew
The path once seemed so clear
is now out of the view
Hopeless and disappointed I walk here and there
with the little knowledge of what is where
They try to cheer me up
and bring me back
But the memories of the beautiful past
holds me back
I cry sometimes
for the miserable woman I’ve become now
But never do I cry
for the beautiful moments somehow
“Did I do something wrong again ?” I asked
but the silence was all I got
Had I known that I’ll fall for someone like this
Had I known that it pains like this
Had I known that I will have to face his cruelty someday
I would have never made an attempt
to know the joy of love
to know the madness
to know the passion
to know someone like him


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