Reality is a bitter gourd and you have to swallow it

Why does something bad has to happen when you’re enjoying the most beautiful period of your life ?
Does it have any relation with your past karma ?
Everytime I have to face the same thing in one way or the other. And now I wonder why? Should i stop doing it? Or should I just accept the bitter reality?
Life is all about coming to the terms with what is being given to you by god and the funny fact is you cannot even challenge it because you don’t even know who the hell is he? why is he doing that you?
I was always a staunch believer of “whatever happens,happens for the best”. But is it really the case ? I look around me and see misery,poverty,destruction,terrorism. Is it really happening for the good ?
However tiny my problem might be,it is big enough for me to cry about it and I have all the right to ask that almighty, if there is, Is this what you have for me ? Did i do something so terribly wrong that I’m being punished in this way ? If you’re there and hearing me out I would like to tell you that I will not lose my faith in one thing no matter whatever problems you create for me but yes it might happen that I may lose my faith in you and forget that you’re even there for us.