In our busy lives we often forget to consider and be grateful for very simple & yet important things. And those things are important because if any day they are not there, our routine lives will probably go upside down.

Today I’m thankful to god that he gave me the best mum in the world. Although I fight with her & sometimes I am rude with her but at the end of the day I know deep inside my heart no matter how much i fight with her.. I love her πŸ™‚ . If she is not home someday,the most important thing “the food” we all get to eat is terrible & that is the time I seriously miss her. I wonder what would happen to my life when I will no longer Β get to stay with my mommy. She does all of my chores from anything to everything although scolding me everyday but never stepping away from her responsibilities. I am grateful to have her as my mommy !

The second thing I’m grateful about today is that I’m sheltered & I am thankful to god for this. It was raining today & the only thing that came into my mind was the dog, who is residing in our colony from past few weeks,Β must be drenched in the rain. I went outside to check on him so that I can call him to come inside but he was nowhere to be found. I prayed to god to keep him safe n dry as it has been chilly at night from the past few days.

I am also thankful for the love & care my family has given me and the love I have in me for people in & around my life. I owe to them for helping me to improve everyday to become a better person in my life.

Being thankful for what I have and to cherish it with all of my heart keeps me contented and happy. πŸ™‚


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