It has been so many days that I took up my pen & paper to write up something but today I finally had an urge to put down everything and be free of the guilt of not keeping up to my habit of writing πŸ˜›

In the past few days I’ve come across so many new people in my life and each of them left a different impression on me. It makes me smile when I ponder over the fact that how quickly I am able to talk with unknown people without giving it a thought even once what other person might be thinking of me. Gone are the days when I used to care about what others think of me rather what I think of myself. I give all of the credit to my mom for she is that one person who made me believe that I am no less than anyone and I can do anything I want to do without thinking about other people. “You just have to believe in yourself and be confident enough to admit what you’ve done” she said to me one day. I’ve followed it since that day. One of my friend used to think that I act stubborn at times but I think it was more like not agreeing to the fact that I am not capable of doing something particular.

Meeting new people never used to be my cup of tea in my childhood instead I was very shy & introvert at that point of time. I usually avoided these situations by keeping myself hidden in my room whenever guests arrived at our place. I remember the time when my dad’s old friend came to visit us. I was very shy to go in front of him & finally when I did I looked at him and ran away from the drawing room to the house’s backside & all the way up to the terrace. The funny thing was he followed me up until the backside of the house but lost all the hopes when I climbed up to the terrace. Although today I greet him and talk with him but he always teases me & reminds me of that day. He says as a child I was very fond of him and use to be with him always. Funny how things turn out when we grow up.

Today its all a different story. I love meeting new people,getting to know them,hearing their side of the story about their lives,future aspirations and all. People say I have an eye to see the good in others. I find it a lil bit exaggerating but yeah I do realize that I am happy when I see people around me happy too. So I try to appreciate others for their positive qualities and whenever I come across someone who is sad I always try to infuse some positivity in them and show them a ray of hope. If I am the reason behind someone’s smile I feel fortunate and happy.

Everyone works out for their comfort and their happiness sometimes its really a bliss to be reason for someone else’s smile πŸ™‚


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