I love sunday & I eagerly wait for it the moment monday starts off. For me sunday is the day just  for me and my family. But when I woke up this morning,I realised that we have a lab today 😦 . It’s so bad to not have a day off on sunday ! I hate it.

What further added to my frustration was the uselessness of our undesirable trip to the prestigious ECE Dept. as assumed by our honourable professors. It didn’t feel like it was sunday at all. These are the last few days of my college &  I am very busy these days. Although being busy is not the issue but not being able to enjoy my favourite day is kind of disappointing 😦

Still there is loads of stuff I have to complete by Tuesday and then I have my one last internal exams..huff !! semesters are also approaching & I don’t wanna study for them. Now I am least interested in my engineering subjects and want to get rid of them ASAP !

I know it’s just a matter of 2-3 weeks but I don’t want to touch my books rather I am more interested in studying what I like. But either this way or that way I have to overcome my dilemma, think of the situation at present and take the right decision.

Difficult and boring task ! I know but not impossible. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best 🙂


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