Feel beautiful and that’s all matters

As my graduation day is approaching i am feeling a little nauseated to think of the fact that i am a big grownup now and i have so many responsibilities to bear. Apart from this it is so sad to even think about leaving the college,friends,all the fun and masti that i’ve been doing here. In Fact nowadays a thought is coming into my mind that i can spend another two years in my dorm room,i love the way it is-small,comfy and cosy little bed occupied mostly by “Beary”(my teddy bear 🙂 ). Oh!! I am gonna miss this forever…

The last four years journey has been something that i will never forget throughout my life. I made new friends(some really trustworthy friends),some arch enemies,had a few bitter experience with some people. But that is ok not everyone’s life is perfect. The most important fact is what you make out of the worst situation you have in hand.

From the past two years i’ve had a fantastic roommate who shares all of my interests and is exactly like me in many cases. When i found her i realised what i’ve been missing in this college. Because from the first year itself i used to be so grumpy about the fact that i left all of my friends in my hometown & why do i have to be here and all that crap 😀

I love her the way she is…although she is a little bit negative about a few things but i try to infuse some positivity of my share in her 😛 . I hope she finds better opportunities and most importantly some very good people in her life.

Leaving so many things behind we always have to move on and try to make every moment in our lives precious and memorable. I am grateful to god that he showered his blessings upon me in every situation of my life. May he be with the people around me always 🙂


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