Wasted Sunday !!

I love sunday & I eagerly wait for it the moment monday starts off. For me sunday is the day just  for me and my family. But when I woke up this morning,I realised that we have a lab today 😦 . It’s so bad to not have a day off on sunday ! I hate it.

What further added to my frustration was the uselessness of our undesirable trip to the prestigious ECE Dept. as assumed by our honourable professors. It didn’t feel like it was sunday at all. Read more


Farewell preparación

Feel beautiful and that’s all matters

As my graduation day is approaching i am feeling a little nauseated to think of the fact that i am a big grownup now and i have so many responsibilities to bear. Apart from this it is so sad to even think about leaving the college,friends,all the fun and masti that i’ve been doing here. In Fact nowadays a thought is coming into my mind that i can spend another two years in my dorm room,i love the way it is-small,comfy and cosy little bed occupied mostly by “Beary”(my teddy bear 🙂 ). Oh!! I am gonna miss this forever… Read more

Collecting armour

When preparing for a battle one needs to collect the essential things required for it. Thinking about the long run I also feel  the need to prepare efficiently for achieving my dreams. A few days earlier I heard someone’s planning for the upcoming six years how she would be doing her stuff and meet her goals. Then I thought everyone in this planet plans and prepares about their upcoming future little do they know whether it will turn out fruitful or not. But still we love  making  plans and doing stuff which satisfies our urge to do better in life. Likewise I have also planned something for my life.  Just keeping good faith in god and myself. 🙂